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LEVEL 6 Apps for Robots

In this course we combine the incredible functionality of a mobile device with robotics. This opens up amazing opportunities for inventing!
We learn how to control our robotics projects from our mobile device, like directing a robotic car or opening a lock from our phones. When we delve into the capabilities of the phone itself we realise we can open the lock with just a code word from us.
We also learn to receive information sent by our arduino projects back to our phone. In this way we can monitor our projects from a distance, eg. receive data from a weather station, or monitor when someone approaches our


Learning about Bluetooth connection

Controlling LCD screens, Solenoid locks and Keypads

Learning about language recognition

Further exploring components available to apps.


Child must be at least 11 years old or currently in Grade 5

Completed Level 4 Arduino Robotics

Completed Level 5 App Building

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