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Online Courses

Our Electronic and Robotic courses are offered online with educational videos explaining the concepts so that you have a full in depth understanding. You would require a kit of components so that you can build the projects yourself for the full learning experience of doing-while-learning. There are also detailed videos explaining how the projects are completed. See below for the choice of online courses.

We recommend, unless you already have a good electronics background, that you first complete the electronics course, before attempting the robotics courses. This is because you need to understand how electricity actually moves around inside a robot to get a full understanding of how everything works and why a wheel turns forward and then reverses.
Our python coding courses are ideal for grade 8 and up.
They are offered by a live tutor who meets with small groups of children once a week online. These are not recorded videos, they are more like zoom classes where your child can learn in the comfort of your home, with the assistance of an experienced programmer.
We start at the very beginning and move through the basic coding concepts and structures.
Enrollment is for a term and it takes around 4-5 terms to complete the basics.
Afterwards we have the option of progressing onto exciting topics like machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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