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Learn about electronics and how to manipulate electricity through a circuit. Build projects each session until you are comfortable with ...


We learn to build and code an Arduino robot, sending and receiving information from the computer...

App Building

Want to learn how to build gaming apps, business apps or apps that can control your robotic projects...



Club Electron is an educational academy that is passionate about educating children in areas that that will be relevant in the 4th industrial revolution.


Club Electron started in our backyard in 2012 when I was playing with and teaching our primary school sons  and a few friends to wire up electronics and code arduinos. It is now offered as an extramural at most of the best primary schools in Cape Town and surrounds.

The program is INVENTIVE and FUN. We teach children to tinker, build and code with electronics and robotics.
We enable them to view the world of electronics as a place of opportunity and inventiveness, so that they can create without fear.

Our courses are designed so that the children learn in a practical hands-on way, and so, they play without realizing how much they are learning.

We also provide workshops to assist teachers in schools to offer subjects like coding and robotics in a fun way to young children, building a passion at a young age.
Interactive projects facilitate a questioning environment, and children understand through practical application of concepts. 
Our vision is to equip South African children with the skills to be part of the change in technology in the future, rather than just being users of the technologies.

Classes are run on a weekly basis at schools in South Africa and at various community centres.


-Steve Schlesinger-

My son has been doing Club Electron for over a year and has both had a lot of fun and learnt from it. Thank you for all the time you have invested in him - we are grateful parents to have had this opportunity for such a different and enjoyable experience

-Anne Fuller-Goode-
Life coach

There is a need for scientist, engineers and other creative people to grow the future of South Africa. I am also very aware how the 4th revolution is also shaping the world of work and our future realities at a frightening speed and will mean that our children will require these skills or at the very least the understanding just to ensure they have a part to play in the future world of work. As parents I really believe we have to develop this in our children and I am so deligthed that both of mine are intested in finding out the workings behind their 'minecraft' and pc games station, and that you are providing the opportunity at Club Electron. Thank you!

-Prof DB Davidson-
Professor in Engineering, University of Stellenbosch

Club Electron has been the thing that my son has most looked forward to at school each week! I have been very impressed by the quite sophisticated material he has been exposed to, without having it intimidate them in any way.


Contact Jeanine on 082 808 8730

Created by Jamsel

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