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LEVEL 4 Advanced Arduino Robotics

In this course we advance onto coding with Arduino C programming language.
We learn how to control a variety of motors and how to protect our Arduino from the back electro magnetic force that motors generate.
Our robots become more mobile and start interacting better as we develop better programming skills. We teach them obstacle avoidance, until eventually we learn how to reprogram our TV  IR remote to control the robot.
Finally we learn how to take projects off the web so that can benefit from the open source Arduino environment that millions of Arduino users have embraced. This opens up a world of opportunities.


 Controlling Servo motors, DC motors and stepper motors with Arduino

Motor controllers, back EMF and H-bridges

Serial monitors and baud rates

Distance sensors and Ultrasonic Sound

Combining blocks of code and taking code off the web

Using arrays to control matrixes

Hex codes and IR remotes

Advanced Functions and libraries


Child must be at least 10 years old or currently in Grade 4

Completed Level 3 Intro to Arduino Robotics

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