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LEVEL 3 Intro to Arduino Robotics

Would you like to control components in the physical world with just a few lines of code entered on a computer? Arduino has made robotics so accessible to non-engineers, now even children can tinker, build and code incredibly interactive projects.
In this course we learn to code in an intuitive GUI (drag and drop) language. We introduce basic coding concepts, like loops and variables.
We learn how to receive messages from sensors and how to send messages to our components that must buzz or flash.
Our previous electronic experience makes the wiring of the Arduino to the electronics components less difficult.


Understanding INPUTS and OUTPUTS 

Understanding the difference between digital and analog signals

Pulse Width Modulation

Different types of variables

Making different frequencies and playing music

Mixing light with RGBs

Functions and libraries


Child must be at least 10 years old or currently in Grade 4

Completed Level 2 Intricate Electronics

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