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LEVEL2 Intricate Electronics

Learning to prototype electronic projects on a breadboard is what all engineers learn early in their studies. The children use the knowledge of electronic components and circuits that they gained in the previous course to build exciting electronic projects on a protyping breadboard, working with REAL electronic components.
Their ability to follow complex circuit diagrams improves until they can build a piano and even a robot from scratch.
Once they have mastered prototyping, they learn how to make a project more permanent by soldering.


Understanding a prototyping breadboard

Using  timing and op amp ICs in circuits

Understanding INPUTS and OUTPUTS

Voltage dividers


Resistance, LDRs and potentiometers

Safety in soldering

PCB soldering and wire soldering


Child must be at least 10 years old or currently in Grade 4

Completed Level 1 Beginner Electronics

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