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In this course we introduce grade 1 and 2 foundation phase learners with no prior knowledge to the world of coding. We are all aware how important a skill this has become for the future, and like any language it is best to lay the ground work at a young age. We use a coding language that requires no reading skills.
With the assistance of our robots we have the learners thinking like a computer programmers in a flash. Our approach is hands-on and while they are playing and having heaps of fun we introduce commonly used coding principles that they will draw on in the future like sequences, functions and events.
The program is structured so that learners solve problems at their own speed, and those that need to be stretched have the opportunity to solve extra challenges.


Learn basic coding concepts

Understand commands and parameters

Understand sequencing of commands

React to stimuli

Understand loops and repeats

Integrate geometry and maths in coding

All while having fun


Child must be in grades 1 - 2

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