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LEVEL 5 Android App building

Our children have a multitude of ideas for apps for mobile phones or tablets, but few know how to start building these apps. In this course we teach them how to go about designing and building their own mobile apps for android.


They continue to develop their programming skills, while making things that they themselves find relevant and useful at this stage. Most importantly they have heaps of fun while learning!

We learn how to build gaming apps, business apps and many other kinds of apps, which can be shared with just our friends, or otherwise can be published on the Google Play store with the right permissions.
We learn about the design of the User Interface and use a multitude of components, setting their properties to suit our purposes.


Learning about components and their properties

Design of the User Interface

Testing with emulators

Using sprites and controlling sprite behaviour with randomness and co-ordinates

Using downloaded media in apps.

Coding procedures

Using incremental variables

Conditional statements

Arranging data in List and lists in lists


Child must be at least 11 years old or currently in Grade 5

Prefereably Completed Level 3 Intro to Arduino Robotics

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