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Club Electron Robotics

at Kronendal

We inspire young minds in new technologies preparing them for what the 4th Industrial Revolution might hold.

We introduce children to the world of ELECTRONICS, ROBOTICS and coding in a fun and interactive way. We aim to help children to become creators and not merely users of technology.

Our extramural program is divided into modules of 2 terms each

Suitable for grade 5-7s

We start with the basic fundamentals of electricity to understand what would go on inside a robot. Then using more exciting components we learn how to manipulate and control the flow of current. We follow schematic diagrams and build on a prototyping board like engineers. We learn to solder and even build a robot from scratch

Electronics Level 1&2

L2 Freddieb.jpg

The children learn valuable coding skills while programming an Arduino microcontroller, first with a simple drag and drop language and then in C++. They build a robot and add functionality to it as they advance. They understand how coding interacts with electronics to make automation and start building the foundations of good coding principles

Arduino Robotics Level 3&4

App Coding Level5&6

They continue developing their coding skills, building strong foundations, while building apps for their phones and tablets. A skill which is very relevant to them at the moment. They focus on design and the user experience to learn how to build easy-to-use apps. They understand the interaction of their device with robots and how communication works between devices

Robot Thing.jpg

Class times: Fri 1.45 to 2.45

Grades 5-7 only

Cost R1100 per term

Contact Jeanine for more information


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